Each space is unique, every project is composed of unique shapes. The materials are the result of research , they are color , space , feeling. The task of Struktura is also to directing the choice of the more innovative materials and technologies, adopting Tailor-made solutions, as a dress sewn every project is adapted to the space, every form molded on the matter. ANALYSIS,RESEARCH,STRATEGY,CONCEPT DESIGN,CORPORATE IDENTITY,DECORATIONS, EXCLUSIVE PROJECTS,WORKS SUPERVISION,ART DIRECTOR.


Consuelo and Pierfilippo Casadei, brothers, work and live in Riccione, after attending the Faculty of Architecture in Florence. Since the early 2000s they worked on construction and interior design, throughout Italy, and exporting their work also in all foreign countries, from Europe to Saudi Arabia.


To make every project an accessible form of art. Inspiration is everything, everything starts from it. It is not something programmed, is not an exact calculation. It's something that happens to you.


The customer is the starting point of every project, every functional and emotional needs is our first inspiration.

Ogni struttura è una dimensione dell’essere, una scoperta in divenire, un elemento dell’inaspettato.